Past and Presents


Found this Mary Frances Past and Presents holiday bag at the Patron's Party for this year's Symphony Ball

I finally found a photograph for this year’s Christmas card. It was too late, unless of course I wanted to pay 35.99 for the overnight shipping. I wasn’t in the mood. The holiday this year wasn’t entirely without spirit though I was sorry not to have sent out Christmas cards. I think it’s the first year I’ve missed them in a long time. I worked (fortunately) quite a lot in the weeks that led up to last weekend so there are a ton of photos lying around along with a few stories to tell if I don’t forget them all with the aid of that champagne in my future. I have a rehearsal dinner to shoot on New Year’s Eve and a wedding to attend on New Year’s Day so that could liven things up as well. I’m never quite sure how to behave when I’m a guest at these sorts of things. Meanwhile, I hope no one is still trapped in the snow and you all have a Happy New Year.