Documentary Valet

I’ve had some extraordinary dreams of late (must be the organic produce). Recently, I posted one about a lion in my bathtub named Taffy although those of you who visit here may not have seen it. The details were sketchy but it was one of the funniest dreams I’ve ever had. Here’s another:

I dreamed I went to the home of David Lynch. The doorknob on his front door by the way, was also the door bell. I’m not sure how I knew this but I pushed it, the bell rang, and he opened the door. Smiling just a little, he looked into my eyes, all the way to my solar plexus and said “Hello Susan”. I was surprised that he remembered my name. In the dream, he used to visit Barney at his apartment sometimes and I had come to let him know that I had delivered Barney’s ashes to Baltimore and decided to invite him to a memorial service (?) of some sort. He said he would come and that he would be happy to “take care of everything.” I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant.

On the way out, I asked if by any chance he had a job for me, on some one of his projects or the (now finished) documentary Interview Project.

He thought it over for a second and asked if I knew how to park cars.