Ten months out


Inauguration Day for Tennessee's Governor Bill Haslam, January 15, 2011

This is not the view I had hoped for on this day but it was the one that was offered.

I’ll never be able to think about this event in a serious way at all which is probably for the best. Stella was with me that day and we hadn’t really planned on going to the inauguration but found ourselves trapped backstage just as it began. We were surrounded by the Tennessee Highway Patrol and I’m guessing a number of Homeland Security personnel. You can see some of them high up on the building in the photo. It made me think of a time once when the Secret Service surrounded the Ryman Auditorium for Al Gore’s birthday party. On the way to shoot it I casually gazed up at a guy on the roof and had the camera halfway to my eye before realizing he was looking back at me through a scope. Talk about your epiphanies.

And here we were now at the state Capitol right in the thick of it on Inauguration Day. Many of you have already read the story over at Carny Dog (here’s the link) so I won’t elaborate further except maybe to say the gist of it is this: when we walked past the bomb dog (or whatever) my dog started walking like Jennifer Lopez and I think it’s safe to say he went haywire. So yes, the point was, I will never think of this day without laughing which is better than a huge sense of regret I suppose.

More photos from that day are below. They are an odd contrast to the images we see coming from Legislative Plaza of late.


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